Time to blog again!

February 26, 2011

Last year I started this blog from sheer frustration of the dumbass questions I get almost daily by people whom I have never met before, just because I have quadruplets. I was talking to two women I have never met before today and they were flabbergasted at some of the comments and questions I have received. Since most people don’t believe me, I thought I would try to film some of the peeps who think it is ok to ask crazy questions. Stay tuned for some of the questions and see for yourself!

The Top Ten

February 5, 2010

The top ten worst questions I get asked and what I would love to say in response.

10)  Are they identical?  Let’s see, you are looking right at them, you tell me?

9) Can you really tell them apart? Hmmm, they are my children, of course I can tell them apart!

8 ) Are they natural? Nope, I grew them in my lab, they are part robot,  part alien.

7) Did you carry them yourself? No, my husband took a turn with them at the second trimester to give me a break.

6) Did you have them all at the same time? Um, kind of the definition of quadruplets.

5) Is it hard? Oh no, it’s a walk in the park. They practically raise themselves.

4) Did you take drugs? Now, or to get pregnant, or on a recurring basis, or perhaps you would like my complete medical history. We JUST met, why do you feel you can ask me this?

3) Did you know you were having that many when you delivered? No, weirdest thing, they just kept coming out!

2) Is that some of them quatriuplets? Get this one all the time and it makes me laugh even today!

1) Are they twins? Wow you failed math and biology didn’t you?

 You may be wondering if I made some of these up, and I wish I did. It is amazing to me how some people think it is acceptable to ask such personal questions of a complete stranger. I am not alone, most parents of multiples get this every day. If you are a parent of multiples and would like to share some of your favorite dumb ass questions, please comment and I will revise the top ten based on popularity.

The blog I have been threatning to write for over 3 years!

January 24, 2010

You would not believe the questions I get on a daily basis. No seriously, you would not believe it. I have held my tongue since the first question, and frankly, I cannot hold it any longer. I choose to take the high road in person when someone is rude enough to ask me intimate questions within mere seconds of meeting me, giving a quick answer and moving on if possible. But this blog is where I will chronicle what I really want to say. The smart ass comments that pop into my head, but never out loud.

So, who am I, and why do I get these crazy questions? I am the mother of 3 1/2 year old quadruplet girls. Something about multiples intrigues most people, and they cannot seem to help but ask questions. Especially when I take them somewhere new, I prepare myself  for the questions I know will be coming. Now you can enjoy them with me and listen to what I really want to say back to them.